Vietnamese Traditional Massage - A part of Viet Nam

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Massage is a part of art and culture. Each country has its own massage or bodywork with cultural beauty covered inside. When Swedish massage is well-known with its slow and gentle massage strokes that releasing tension and bringing relaxation.

  • Traditional Massage would bring you closer to our history and tradition. From time to time, Piu Piu Spa constantly look for the ways to relax your body with best skills. Step into our world of care, where time is left at the door and a new journey begins...
  • In Eastern countries, people assume that human survive thank to blood travel through the body. Good circulation means a good health and vigilant mind. Bad circulation causes tiredness and stress. Blood flow regulation will bring you a strong body and mind. Pressing the tiny spots called energy points is the key of control.
  • In the other way , Thai Massage uses passive stretching and gentle pressure along the body’s energy lines to increase flexibility, relieve muscle and balance the body’s energy systems. Meanwhile, Shiatsu (or Japanese Massage) improves the flow of energy by using finger and palm pressure.

Vietnamese Traditional Massage

  • Vietnamsese Tradition Massage is a combination of clapping and punching technic. These movements will make pressure directly on muscle and help relieve the pain. Pressing many energy points is a very important part, which increases the circulation necessary to remove the toxins from your body. This therapy is originally used as a medical treatment. The therapist use their artful hands to make pressure on muscle and energy points.
  • Vietnamese Traditional Massage uses massage therapy to treat muscular disorders, bone and joint disorders or psychological feeling to get a sense of comfort, stability, a healthy body, reducing stress, fatigue created due to the pressure in life.

  • If you come to Viet Nam, you should experience Vietnamese Traditional Massage at least one time. You'll feel the true relaxation. Especially after a long day travelling around Sai Gon.
  • After therapy massage, you will once more be filled ith extra energy thanks to the meals in Sai Gon, which are prepared with all herbal medicines, combined with natural fruit and many herbal drinks, certainly, your body can feel more energetic and ready for new challenges

You can come and feel relaxed with a healthy body with Piu Piu Spa

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